Professional House Painting in Del Mar

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Known throughout Southern California for its renowned horse racing facility, the Del Mar Racetrack, Del Mar is also home to many beautiful residences. At PaintGreen, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many Del Mar homeowners to help beautify their homes, inside and out, with a fresh coat of paint. Professional Services for Del Mar […]

Why Hire a Professional Interior House Painter in San Diego?

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With all of the how-to videos available on the internet, many homeowners begin to think that they’ll never need to hire a professional again. “YouTube” has become a verb in many households, as in “Just YouTube it!” It’s true: many simple home improvement projects can be completed after watching a YouTube video or two. Don’t […]

Evaluating the Reputation of a San Diego House Painter

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What’s more difficult than finding a San Diego house painter? Finding the right one. There are so many people out there painting houses in San Diego. Some, like PaintGreen, are licensed and insurance painting contractors, while others are just individuals offering painting services. Levels of experience and professionalism can vary quite dramatically from one to […]

Get Your San Diego Home Ready for the Holidays with House Painting

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When you think about getting your house ready for the holidays, you might not necessarily think about hiring San Diego house painters. You are probably more focused on setting up the Christmas tree, decorating with lights, or getting ready for whatever holiday traditions you enjoy in your home. However you celebrate the holidays, you likely […]