San Diego Home Painting with Color Psychology in Mind

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You’ve decided it’s time to paint the interior of your San Diego home. Now comes the challenging part—choosing paint colors. It can feel like an impossible task to find the perfect shades to bring into different areas of your home. Certain rooms should evoke a sense of calm, while others should reflect high energy and […]

One Thing We Do That Not Many Other San Diego House Painters Do

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There are a lot of house painters in San Diego. A quick Google search for phrases like “house painters San Diego” or “painting companies in San Diego” will give you an overwhelming number of results. It can be difficult to differentiate between all of the various San Diego house painters, so you might be tempted […]

How conductive paint could change the world, according to San Diego house painters Interesting article that shows electrically conductive paint in many potential uses…. My favorite is the light switch that is painted on the wall. I could see this being used by electricians, audio/visual installers, ceiling fan installers etc who could use this product to paint electric connections directly to the wall, then simply paint the […]