Our new website!

Big thanks to Evan Scheingross at Evan Web Design for the design and build of the new website, and for teaching us how to keep it updated through the back end of WordPress! Evan is great to work with, communicates well, and knows his craft.  I highly recommend him for web design. http://www.evanwebdesign.com/ HUGE thanks to […]

2013 Color Trends

What colors will be hot in 2013? The experts over at Dunn Edwards have put together an excellent report. In short, expect to see a range of saturated mid-tone hues to be mixed with neutrals. Bold colors will become more popular and will be used to brighten up and inspire new design.   Check out […]

Farm to Table Eating

Food is one of those things that can evoke a love–hate relationship. Depending on how and where food is grown and how it is prepared, it can make you sick, fat, or utterly euphoric. With the proposed enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act, the FDA can regulate the quality of the food that goes […]

Tips for choosing a contractor

You hear horror stories about people hiring contractors and they either do a sub-par job, steal all of their belongings, or break things in the house and don’t have liability insurance to cover the cost (thanks to the interwebs, there are myriad sites dedicated to these torrid tales). Don’t get caught in the same situation. […]

Is your paint harming you?

People have been painting for thousands of years. Cave men and women used natural ingredients to make lasting marks on the world. Of course, modern man had to screw that all up by adding lead and chemicals into paint to help it last through a nuclear winter. So, jump to modern times: we’ve taken out […]