Across San Diego, America and the World, we are becoming more aware of the impact our daily activities have on Planet Earth. The overwhelming majority of experts tell us we’re heading toward a warmer World with potentially harmful side effects.

As a member of the San Diego, and World community, PaintGreen believes we should reduce our environmental impact while painting. We are committed to following the principles outlined by the San Diego County Green Business Program. To do that, we focus on:

Cleaner Air, Better Use of Resources

40 MPG? Yes please!

40 MPG? Yes please!


  • We use fuel-efficient vehicles like SmartCars rather than big trucks that burn through gallon after gallon.
  • Our use of non-toxic paints provides you with a healthier home and leaves a lower impact on the environment while maintaining a high standard of quality that will last for years to come!
  • Thorough prep work ensures your new paintjob will last for as long as possible.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


We save enough plastic every year to cover Qualcomm Stadium!


  • We use washable, reusable canvas drop cloths instead of rolls and rolls of plastic whenever possible.
  • We reduce our contribution to landfills by reusing plastic and supplies when possible.
  • We recycle leftover paint.
  • Employees are trained on how to keep waste to a minimum.
  • We follow green practices in the office by using power-saving features on computers, recycled paper in our printer, efficient lighting, etc.

Provide Lasting Results

Primer binds new paint to the existing surface

Primer binds new paint to the existing surface



  • The most effective way to be green in the paint industry is to focus on quality and ensure a long-lasting paintjob. Painting is green by nature… a good paintjob protects from sun damage, rot, insects, etc.
  • Contracting for a high quality paintjob that lasts for years longer is the most responsible use of resources.





Contact PaintGreen to discuss how we can make your paint project more environmentally friendly:  (619) 446-6983