Serving the community is a cornerstone of PaintGreenā€™s mission, and charitable donations of time and money are an important part of that. Leveraging our painting knowledge and skills, PaintGreen helps San Diego youth by giving them vibrant living and learning spaces.

cecily's closet room 1

A princess themed room donated to a child with special needs via Cecily’s Closet

One of the organizations PaintGreen supports each month is Cecily’s Closet, a non-profit organization that helps families with special-needs children. Cecily’s Closet provides donations to families in need, and PaintGreen plays a key role in room makeovers to help families and children enjoy their homes. Visit them at

PaintGreen is helping to end worldwide poverty through their support of Erase Poverty. Erase Poverty is a micro-loan organization that gives the poor of the world a hand up, instead of just a handout. Learn more about this great organization at

PaintGreen is helping to Erase Poverty!

PaintGreen is helping to Erase Poverty!

PaintGreen painted all of the classrooms in the current Xara Garden School facility, located in the Allied Gardens neighborhood of San Diego. Xara Garden School is a charter school committed to giving children the freedom to learn language, arts, and nature in a student-driven environment. Once Xara Garden School selects its permanent location in two years, PaintGreen will offer their services again, to help make the learning environment as whimsical and entertaining as possible. For more about Xara Garden School visit

PaintGreen reinvigorated the Spring Valley Community Center with a fresh coat of paint to improve the surroundings for the kids who attend. For more about the Spring Valley Community Center visit

Another local organization that benefits from PaintGreen’s generosity is the Cocina Club, a local shipping-container turned full-service kitchen, to help feed those who can’t always feed themselves.

PaintGreen remains committed to giving back to the people of San Diego County and will continue to do so well into the future!