san diego kitchen cabinet painting

Do you have dated wood cabinets or furniture that could use some new life breathed into them? You’ve probably considered painting them, since painted furniture and cabinets is all the rage right now in interior design. Many homeowners are even getting more adventurous with their color choices for cabinets and furniture, choosing rich hues like emerald green or navy blue or various shades of gray, instead of just white.

Painting wood pieces, such as furniture and kitchen cabinets, takes a special touch. PaintGreen has the skilled painters you need to make your kitchen cabinets and furniture go from “Meh” to “Wow!” We have the right equipment (like CAP and HVLP sprayers), the right knowledge, the right amount of shop space, and the right talent and skill to give your home the showroom-quality finish you’re looking for.

Many homeowners are choosing to have their San Diego kitchen cabinet painting done by professionals, because the end result is so much better than most people can achieve on their own with paint brushes or rollers. At PaintGreen, we take the time to do the necessary prep work, including cleaning and sanding your current cabinets, and masking them off to protect the parts of the room that you don’t want painted. We use only high-quality paint that will give you a smooth and long-lasting finish.

Read what some of our San Diego kitchen cabinet painting customers have to say:

If you don’t have experience with painting cabinets, it’s a really long and detailed process, especially if you live in a condo where work space is limited. It involves multiple coats of priming and painting with a spray gun that spits paint everywhere so you literally need to cover your place in so much plastic that it looks like a contamination area.
[PaintGreen] did a great job closing off the workspace so that the smell didn’t affect us or my dogs. [Our PaintGreen painter’s] craftsmanship is so good that our cabinets look like the original color, as if they had not be painted over. [He] was always punctual and on time which helped keep the routine as normal as possible. I 1000% would use [PaintGreen] again and would/have recommend him to all my friends and family. 

– Mikee C., San Diego

These guys really did a nice job painting our kitchen cabinets. We went from dirty wooden cabinets to bright white, clean! So far the paint seems to be holding up fine and we are really happy with the results.

-Mary Jo O., Bonita

To find out more about furniture and kitchen cabinet painting from our San Diego painting company, or to make an appointment to receive an estimate, contact PaintGreen today.